…experiments in the field of electronic sound production associated with the avant-garde acoustic displacements in the electronic sound environment, the construction of tracks, based on the classical scale, with a tone and microtonal shift in composition,binaural recording, itroducing synthesized musical instruments and female vocal.

…which causes the following associations: the bubbles swirling slowly uncoiling helicopter blades. It is felt the work of a watchmaker. Rhythm is maintained decaying and growing vibration. The track has a distinct shape, looped development. In size lit’s alike trip-hop.

One can hear a pilingator’s uneven rhythm. It includes somewhat engines, which appear quite like a contact with another forms of mind and life.
… is the transfer of acoustic avant-garde in electronic sound environment experiments. While listening to this track on’s being embraced by the feeling of being in the the submarine premices, the noise passes through a metal hatch, one can hear the song of a hollow metal and water. June So

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