d_time , 5'51", loop video - oleg elagin sound - oleg elagin 4:3 Pal, 2007
 5’51” / loop / 4:3 Pal / 2007


The hipnotic effect of D Time,a work by Oleg Elagin,is conditioned by the acoustic solution of the sound of unknown nature superimposed on depiction which seems to exist independently,reproducing fantastic images in the mind,on the hand,and the concealed

landscape together with the “conwex” Op-Art,on the other hand. It is a conscious image and sound bulge that also has some double denition: it is ultimately expressive and simulateneously symbolic. The symbol dissolves in color, in the spreading black and retreating white.
This cacophony of sound and color,of the sigh and of the image is time in the space of the
horizon discovered by the artist. Karina KaraevaYouTube Preview Image

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