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The informational oversaturation of modern society and rise in numbers of immediate tasks in front of every individual and society as a whole, determine the direction of an identity erasure, an identification with the group, mass. It is happening not only in the physical and spiritual sense, but in the informational one. The question is where the place of personality in this field is – the desire to be simultaneously a part of it, and without braking into pieces, to be a comprehensive whole. Impersonality and averaging and generalization of people images make spoken words not that significant. People images are denoted with their clothes fragments and characteristics of their voices. We distinguish and deconstruct images by clothes since we do not have time to see the other parts – codes and to observe. By reading clothes as semiotic codes, we make reference to their existence in the system of things. It seems like the boundary of physicality is overcome. We see bodies, but consciously we do not perceive them as such. For a long time, looking closely, we realize that those are people, but initially we only see the color patches. Bodies are covered; physicality is insensible due to fast shot alternation.

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